Registration for the driving licence

Prerequisites for candidates:

16 years for the categories (registration possible from 15,5 years) :

  • AM : mopeds and light quads
  • F : tractors/machines

18 years for the categories (registration possible from 17* or 17,5 years) :

  • B : automotive vehicle with max. 9 places and a gross weight up to 3500 kg.

Documents to provide:

The driving school fills the “demande en obtention d’un permis de conduire” and sends it to the SNCA.

The candidate must sign the “demande”. If the candidate has not 18 years, a legal representative must sign the “demande”.

For the B licence, the minimum age to start is 17,5 years and 17 years for the accompanied driving.

  • 1 photo with white background in 45 x 35mm format
  • 1 medical certificate < 3 months old
  • a tax stamp of 30 euros (driving school will provide the tax stamp)
  • if the candidate :
    • is minor: 1 photocopy of the ID document of a legal representative
    • is >18 years : a copy of the criminal record (page n°4), can be asked via the driving school;
    • is luxembourgish resident since less than 5 years : an ORIGINAL copy of the criminal record from the previous place of residence (with translation in french, german or english);
  • 1 photocopy of a valid ID document.
  • for accompanied driving, an insurance certificate for accompanied driving provided by your insurance company, 1 certificate for each car and accompanying person and a photocopy of an ID document of each accompanying person.

(The accompanying person can be a family member, a relative or a friend who has the driving licence since at least 6 years and hasn’t been condemned by justice in relation to the driving licence during the last 3 years.)